Links Golf Foundation

Our Past


Links Golf Foundation was developed after numerous years of careful planning, and concurrently watching the state of golf decline.  After three successful seasons of providing the scholars of Michigan State and Oakland Universities’ Upward Bound programs with golf instruction and each year being sequentially better than the previous, Butch Rhodes, PGA Golf Professional and Upward Bound scholar (1973-75), thought that he was onto something that could be replicated at other colleges and universities throughout the country.  In tune with that desire and supported by the director of the Upward Bound program at Michigan State, an inquiry was made to the Council for Opportunity in Education which administrators the grant application process for the Upward Bound program nationally. Today, that dream, that passion, and that creativity is taking shape before our eyes in the formation of the “Links Golf Foundation.”



Links Golf Foundation is focused upon providing golf instruction and golf education to the scholars of Upward Bound by growing our circle of influence throughout the country with a balanced and calculated plan that ensures links_golfthat Links Golf Foundation will be an industry leader for many years to come.  The foundation provides an energetic and educational overview to the scholars of Upward Bound on the many benefits that are within today’s golf industry. Links Golf Foundation professionals will spend more than an average of one hour per week with the scholars. In addition, through our media partners, we will also provide social media amplification with social media influencers. The program extends past just educating scholars on how to play the game, but also introduces them to career paths within the industry, financial literacy, and business etiquette, as well as the numerous social/business opportunities that will be gained from being associated with the game. Links Golf Foundation is the “missing link” in the inclusion of minorities into the game of golf and furthermore believes it could play an active role in growing golf’s 176.8 billion dollar industry footprint in the economy.1   The goal of Links Golf Foundation is to provide a solution to the reported hunger for more minority participation within the game.  Links Golf Foundation feels that in order to catalyze this growth we must focus upon minority groups of youth whom are education-focused, namely Upward Bound, a 50-year old federally funded program viewed by those in the nation’s Department of Education as its most successful ancillary program in US history.



The objective of Links Golf Foundation is to grow its program to serve all Upward Bound programs nationwide.  The foundation is proud of its successes to date, and is especially proud that as it has created a program that can be replicated nationwide with quantitative results.  In short, and with the generosity of our sponsors, our goal of introducing golf to all Upward Bound programs nationwide can become a reality.


Program Goals

  • To develop an appreciation and knowledge of golf history, origin, and diversity.
  • To perform golf skills with proficiency — full swing, pitching, chipping, and putting.
  • To enjoy and appreciate golf’s contributions to personal exercise and pleasure.
  • To learn and apply golf terminology, rules, and golf etiquette.
  • To play a 9-hole round of golf.
  • To use safety precautions on the practice area and golf course.
  • To create the desire and skills so our scholars can become avid golfers.
  • To craft educational opportunities where scholars are trained in business etiquette and financial literacy as well as exposed to arts and culture.
  • To create an understanding within the Upward Bound Scholars of the career paths that reside within the golf industry through campus career days.
  • To identify Upward Bound alumni and participating colleges and universities alumni for speaker’s bureau.



Links Golf Foundation

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