Pic 8Stuart Cavcey has been teaching business and social etiquette classes since the late 90’s.  When asked Mr. Cavcey will state that there is no more of a rewarding experience than watching young children’ run to tell their parents what they learned in a class.  Equally as rewarding can be dining with soon to be college graduates coaching them through the do’s and don’ts of that ever critical interview meal.  While many know that the napkin is to be placed on the back of the chair when excusing themselves from the table, the youth of today expects to know why.

If you are interested in Stuart coming to your facility to speak he can do so for groups as small as 4 to as large as 200.  You will be thrilled in the knowledge that the high-energy that he imparts on those in the audience.  While some may see etiquette as a boring subject, Stuart’s classes are creative, fun, and full of laughter and well as intense, demanding, and thought provoking.  Stuart has taught groups in age ranging from 6 years to senior aged adults.  Groups that are civic, academic, charity and corporate all have benefited from his humor based expertise.  If you are interested in more information having Stuart at one of your events please do not hesitate to call: 330.671.3412 or email him at renaissance.stuart@gmail.com.

It’s nice to be important but, it is more important to be nice!

 A bit of levity in etiquette…