Consulting: Clubs in Transition

Too many clubs are considering management companies as a potential solution to their problems. Depending on the club’s goals, this initiative is a viable option for some: but clearly there is a price that comes with this change.

I’ll lay out the pros and cons of a management company for your club.

With my numerous years of experience in working in equity clubs, corporate-owned facilities, and corporate-managed facilities, I will candidly coach you through who could be the best fit for your property, and why.

– Stuart Cavcey

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Renaissance Club Advisors will provide your leadership and governance teams with ideas and potential solutions to solve problems. Our intention is not to acquire your property and profit from your challenges but to help you bring about a renaissance within your current framework.

The below list represents a sampling of our service offerings:

Analysis of Club Offerings and Operational Procedures

We’ll analyze and provide recommendations for club offerings:

  • Club calendars
  • Departmental activities calendars
  • Golf shop services
  • Memberships and programs offered
  • Playing conditions
  • Quality of food and beverage products

For operational procedures, we’ll analyze and provide feedback on:

  • Financials, forecasting, and budgeting
  • Membership sales, retention, and marketing plans; both internal and external
  • Inventories of Golf Shop and food and beverage
  • Club governance: Effectiveness of board and committees, structures, and business acumen
  • Human resources adherence to rules and documentation of corrective action
  • Member communications: social and traditional media; both internal and external
  • Private events/banquets and associated marketing
  • Risk management and safety procedures

Key Personnel, Candidate Recruitment and Selection

We can review current personnel plus advise on your hiring processes:

  • Assist club in applicant selection process through the recruitment, collection and review of applications
  • Personally conduct phone interviews, verification of references, and make recommendations
  • Leadership through the interview process
  • Assistance through offer, negotiation and contract stages

Department Head One-on-One Interviews

Our proven interview process will provide actionable feedback on your club’s departmental structure:

  • Assess skill levels, business acumen, professional goals, and attitudes
  • Gain top-down vision into the challenges of each department
  • Provide clarification around the “skeletons in the closet”
  • Analyze overall department personnel structure

Employee Training Processes

Are you training? We can help review your current training practices or suggest ideas to begin training to maximize abilities and production from your employees, department heads, and management teams:

  • Review of all training programs and materials
  • Provide ideas to make training fun, relevant, and motivational
  • Analyze bench strength of property and succession training
  • Provide guidance and ideas on how to better train staff

“Secret Shopping” as a Prospective Member

In addition to providing our analysis and feedback on your facility, we can do the same for your competition:

  • Tour facility, meeting staff members
  • Request a day pass to “test drive” product
  • Curb appeal and internal image projection
  • Interview random business leaders regarding property reputation